Promote MENTAL HEALTH with this digital, seven-book story set for Key Stage 2

Children learn from the seven Savannah animal friends how the seven core unpleasant emotions all have useful purposes to help adjustment to disappointments, setbacks and hurts. See how emotions deepen their friendships!

  1. Shelly in Shock (Tortoise)
  2. Ollie in Denial (Ostrich)
  3. Reggie gets Angry (Rhino)
  4. Zora feels Guilty (Zebra)
  5. Monte Risks a Bargain (Monkey)
  6. Esther Sweeps her Depression Away (Elephant)
  7. Gemmie Accepts the Long View (Giraffe)

1-year, 7-book stand-alone licence – only £150 per school

Books on Shock, Denial and Anger are now available! The remaining books will be released over the course of the Summer Term 2017/18.

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