This beautifully illustrated set of seven amusing story books is written to help 4-9 year old boys and girls to develop confidence when talking about their emotions. They show how seven core ‘loss emotions’ all have useful purposes to help people build stronger relationships when facing disappointments or setbacks.

Each core emotion is represented by a different Savannah animal. In these stories, the colourful characters of the various friends show that their emotions are not part of the problem - they are part of the solutions they find when they learn from Lisimba, the wise lion, how to share their emotions helpfully with their friends.

The Emotional Logic ideas behind these stories is explained in an accompanying information sheet for the adults who may read them to children. It shows how the seven books connect together to describe a healthy adjustment process. Emotional Logic is now being taught in many primary schools. It has been shown also in secondaries (using age-appropriate materials) to reduce the build up of anxiety and tensions, improve behaviour and honesty, and build stronger character so that children are less distracted from their school work.