Monthly price plans are available. Please contact the office for more information: email:, telephone: +44 (0)1752 892455. The price quoted includes the cost of the International Award: for those who have already registered for, or completed, the International Award the price of this Coaching: Facilitator Award course is reduced to £1,000.

The Emotional Logic Facilitator Award (ELFA) is a vocational distance learning course that includes the International Award and adds further modules with casework supervision for practical coaching experience. Coaching uses a semi-structured approach to having conversations with individuals, couples and small groups where problems and communications need ‘untangling’. The ELFA qualification will equip you to guide others carefully to learn Emotional Logic in their unique situations, whether in homes, schools, businesses or neighbourhoods.

You will gain a growing sensitivity to people’s differing learning styles, and be able to choose appropriate learning resources for the issues and settings in which you have these conversations. You will also learn to support workshops and presentations of Emotional Logic to larger groups, being able to respond to questions from your growing personal experience of how people’s lives transform when they understand their unpleasant emotions in this constructive and liberating way.

The course has a very practical emphasis. You will be encouraged to continue using Emotional Logic in your conversations; assessment includes a reflective learning log, completion of three case studies, exercises and a real-time Skype role-play that evaluate ability to produce a short and relevant learning plan following an analysis of a loss card pattern.

Pre-requisite learning

Registration for, or completion of, the International Award in Emotional Logic is a prerequisite.

What is included?


Having gained experience at coaching using a safe, semi-structured approach to conversations, you can progress to Certificate level training to become a full Emotional Logic Tutor. You become a Member of the Emotional Logic College Faculty, able to teach other Emotional Logic students on workshops and courses and distance support. You can gain Business Associate status to run your own Emotional Logic training business in association with the Emotional Logic Centre.